Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Build Your Own Ice Cream

Pictured: vanilla ice cream with mulberry freezer jam, berries free from our back yard!

This isn't really a recipe.  But it sort of is, because after reading you'll never need to buy the expensive ice cream again!  That $1 carton of vanilla ice cream suddenly became your pathway to happiness.  :)

Our favorite toppings:
  • freezer jam
  • canned fruit, drained (heat peaches in the microwave for the taste of cobbler with less carbs!)
  • broken berries
  • fresh or frozen fruit (bananas, berries, peaches)
  • hot fruit topping
  • caramel pecan topping
  • maple roasted walnuts
  • crushed Oreo's (plain or mint)
  • crushed candy/candybars
  • cinnamon & honey
  • apple butter
  • chocolate pudding, hot
  • 1-2 spoonfuls cocoa powder, mixed in well
  • hot cookies (pour a small glug of milk over a room-temperature cookie to prevent burning if warming in the microwave.  Top with ice cream.  Yum!)
Pick your topping and mix it in!  You get your favorite ice cream every time.  :)

*If you like cheesecake ice cream, try these.  Mmmmmmm.  :)

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