Monday, September 7, 2015

Board Game: Don't Eat Pete

My sweet mother-in-law gave us a version of this simple game when she visited last summer. We (4 and 1 year-olds) loved it so well I decided to use it in a lesson for 9-10 year-olds on feelings, but I needed a wider array of feelings displayed. So I created my own game board! Download and print the black and white or color version.

  1. Color and laminate board if desired. 
  2. Send one person out of the room. While the person is absent, select a face on the board to call "Pete."
  3. Cover each face with one treat.
  4. The absentee returns and proceeds to eat one treat at a time. When the treat covering "Pete" is picked up, everyone shouts "Don't Eat Pete!"--and the eating stops. The goal is to get as many treats as possible before being stopped.
  5. Repeat with every player.
  6. Variations. Google ideas for more variations--there are plenty of ways this game can be used to learn or discuss. Nine and ten year-olds like naming each emotion and stating whether it is an emotion from God or from Satan before eating each treat. Younger children could name emotions, colors, treat shapes, etc before eating the treat. 

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