Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Make Paper!

Original recipe from these cute girls.

These directions are for the most basic, least tools, and least hands-on time that I could plan. :) There are many other versions out there, so look around for more tips and ideas. This paper will be whatever color your scrap paper is (duh), so use mostly/all one color, or mix a few to see what colors you can invent. You can also add glitter, pressed petals, colorful hole punches, etc, to liven up the paper. Write carefully as this paper is more fragile than most. Have fun; the possibilities are endless!

Yield: 14-16 4x6 sheets.

  • 4 c shredded recycled paper or lint, color of choice
  • 8 c water (or 1 part paper: 2 parts water)
  • blender
  • 9x13 pan or bin
  • picture frame that fits in pan/bin, glass and back removed
  • screening stapled over picture frame
  • towel(s)
  • 3'x1' square of felt or fleece, or larger
  • opt: food coloring
  • opt: glitter, pressed flowers/leaves, etc

This is what my dollar store 4x6 picture frame looks like. A regular paper stapler will hold the screening well. You can staple every edge for a tighter fit, but I only stapled the left and right sides. Buy screening at a hardware store, Walmart, or use recycled from a broken window. ;)

  1. Lay fleece or felt piece on a flat surface, such as your kitchen table. Be aware the surface will get rather wet. Place pan/bin and towel(s) beside it.
  2. Blend shredded paper/lint, optional food coloring, and water until a good pulp forms. Pour into pan/bin, add optional glitter, flowers, or leaves, and gently mix with fingers. 
  3. Slip picture frame face up into pulp and slowly lift straight out of water (watch this movie for a step-by-step). Swipe off pulp from the picture frame, leaving only the screen covered in pulp. Allow a moment to drip dry.
  4. Moving to the felt/fleece, quickly flip the frame so the pulp is flat against the fabric. Squish out as much water as possible using the towel. Slowly lift frame off. Pulp should remain in a loose rectangular shape, which can be left as-is or trimmed once dry.
  5. Repeat process until pulp is gone or paper amount is sufficient. 
  6. Move the paper-bearing felt/fleece to a spot to dry (floor of an unused room, bathtub, back deck in the sun, car trunk in the sun, etc). Wait 12-24 hours, then gently peal paper from fabric.
  7. Voila! You now have personalized paper for cards, invitations, arts & crafts, etc. Trim it down with scissors for a flat edge or by ripping for a more natural-looking edge. Enjoy!

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  1. I used to make paper like this! If you want to dry it faster, you can put it in the microwave on waxed paper on low heat. I can't remember how long. When you take it out, it still feels a little damp, but will dry in about an hour. I liked putting in purple pansies to add some color. Fun times!